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About Thomas

Thomas Samuel Theyer was 18 on June 7th 2013; he died just over a month later on Friday 19th July 2013. Thomas was a student at the University of Derby – Buxton and Leek College. He was a happy, kind person who loved to make others laugh. He loved to keep fit and exercised regularly. His main passion was running and he usually ran every day after college. He was a member of Buxton Athletics Club and also ran with other club members on Monday and Thursday evenings. ttf6On June the 29th he completed his first and only fell race, and on July 2nd he ran in the Buxton 4 road race (which he first ran when he was 15). Additionally Thomas was a keen football player and a regular participant in matches arranged by Alice Wright from Buxton and Leek College.

At primary school Thomas was diagnosed as having Dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Dyspraxia affects fine and/or gross motor skills and general coordination. Additionally people with Dyspraxia may have difficulty with planning and organising, speech, general perception and thought process. Attention Deficit Disorder
(ADD), is probably lesser known than Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). People with ADD are sometimes overlooked because they are not hyperactive! They can however struggle to maintain focus or can become over focused on things. Their mind is often on something else.

“Thomas’s gross motor skills were improved greatly by exercise. In addition the enjoyment he got from participating in sports and outdoor activities was a massive part of his life. As a family we want to see if we can do something to help other children/young adults like Thomas and their families.

Also, Thomas was so kind he once said if he won the lottery he would give it all away to charity and he probably would have. We want Thomas not to be forgotten and to do some good in his name”. Chris Theyer





Thomas at the start of Buxton Carnival Road Race – 12th July 2013



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