About the Team

Chris Theyer – co founder and CEO

Following the death of her son, she has worked diligently to help other young people like Thomas access and benefit from fitness and outdoor activities. The charity continues to benefit from her history in Human Resources and Training and Development, in addition to her experience working with large commercial businesses, assisting teams to develop and deliver business strategy.

Alan Theyer – co founder and Trustee

Thomas’ dad, Alan, has been a self-employed builder in Buxton since his 20s. He uses his skills, in addition to the support of many friends and colleagues from over the years, to help create a legacy for Thomas which will help other young people. The network of incredible friends he has brought together, new and old, are continuing to help the Foundation to meet its aims.

Aimee Theyer – co founder and Trustee

Thomas died when his younger sister, Aimee, was just 16. As a result of her loss, she suffered from both anxiety and panic attacks throughout college. With support, she went on to study Neuroscience at university and is now working on her a masters in brain imaging. Through the work of the Foundation, Aimee hopes they can also support other young people experiencing difficulties, such as anxiety.

Angela Crawford – Trustee

In 2016, Angela retired from the position of Business Development Manager for the University of Derby where she met Chris. She later became involved with TTF to help address the gap in support for young people with additional needs and their families. Angela is actively involved with bidding for funds for the charity and volunteers one day a week at the Foundation’s Sports and Outdoor Charity shop.

Maddie George – Trustee

After being diagnosed with an illness in her early 20s, Maddie witnessed first-hand the positive impact the work of a charity can make. With over 13 years’ experience as a marketing professional, Maddie joined the team to help raise the profile of theFoundation.

Liam McCarthy – Volunteer Finance Director

Liam is a qualified accountant with experience in the private, public and charity sectors but retired from work in 2014. His own sons had attended the same school as Thomas and was pleased to support the Thomas Theyer Foundation as the charity’s designated advisor to the Charity Commission, ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and the Charity Commissions requirements. In addition, he is also a volunteer committee member.

Jill Denardo – Volunteer Committee Member

Jill met Chris when they worked together in the hospitality industry and developed a firm and lasting friendship. In 2010, she was diagnosed with a rare cancer and, with support, started her own charitable campaign. She has been on the TTF committee since it formed, working to promote the charity and come up with fundraising initiatives, one of which is the Thomas Challenge. Here is a film of the launch of the challenge at my Jill’s workplace in Buxton:  (speak to Maddie/Owen/SGF about)

Carly Parkin – Shop Supervisor and Volunteer

Carly joined Buxton Athletics Club (AC) in 2016, which is where she first became aware of the Thomas Theyer Foundation. She met Chris when she attended the Spring Fair in Buxton. In September 2016, she became a run leader so she could help with the Buxton AC Target 5K group, which Chris also joined. In February 2018,Carly started volunteering at the TTF Sports and Outdoor Charity shop as well as volunteering at events.

Sharon Stanley – Fundraising and Events Manager

Sharon has been friends with Chris, Alan and family for 20 years. In April 2015, shewanted to do something in memory of Thomas, so decided to achieve a life ambition and compete in her first triathlon. She now works three days a week, in addition to organising and coordinating fundraising events, liaising with businesses to maximise fundraising. Sharon also monitors the income and expenditure with the Finance Director.