We love to hear from businesses who are keen to get involved, particularly as there are a number of ways corporate support can help the Thomas Theyer Foundation.There are some ideas of how we can work together below but, if you would like to discuss any of these or other suggestions, get in touch.

Benefits to us:

We receive much needed funds/goods/services so we can continue to support young people with additional needs and their families/carers

– Working together can help us raise awareness of the charity

We can reach more people who may need us

Benefits to your business:

We can help you build connections or establish a growing business within the local community

Getting involved enables positive engagement with the local people

–  Charity work is great for your company image

Getting involved can be an excellent team work activity which, in turn, can improve employee wellbeing

–  It is good for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy

– Helping others makes you feel good/improves the team’s morale

Charity of the Year

Some of our supporters have schemes in place where they select a charity to concentrate on in a set period. One such initiative is the ‘Charity of the Year’ where a business elects to donate a percentage of profits or sales of specific goods in that year.


A popular option is raising money for the charity through a variety of challengesteam activities or a collection bucket in the workplace.


Some businesses have offered to supply goods or services that the Thomas Theyer Foundation needs, such as materials to refurbish the shop, items for us to sell in store, prizes for raffles/competitions, discounts on TTF-branded garments, marketing and so on.


To continue to be active and spread the word about the charity, we try to host as many events as possible as they are great opportunities to meet people and for them to learn more about the Thomas Theyer Foundation. Unfortunately, our resources don’t always allow for this and we must be mindful of how we use funds to ensure we can still reach our targets.

This is where your business could help. Whether it’s a coffee morning or fun day, we’d gladly accept an offer of sponsoring any of these activities to help us support more people.

Payroll Giving

You can also support the Thomas Theyer Foundation by providing your employees with information about payroll giving. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a scheme which allows employees to donate regularly but directly to a charity of their choice, with these funds taken from their earnings before income tax.

If you would like to learn more about businesses who have helped us and how, we will be featuring them in our blog.